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©2019 Agsphotoart


Adventist Health - Glendale
Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency
Graduated Dec 2015

University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Graduated May 2014

University of California, San Diego La Jolla, CA
Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Neuroscience
Minor in Psychology

Graduated June 2010


Dr. Alia Parvez, PT

Board Certified orthopedic physical therapy specialist
Certified ergonomic assessment specialist

I believe in empowering my clients to take control of their health and wellness to prevent injuries and restore their ability to do the things they love to do. My approach to health care focuses on collaborating with my patients to create a program that is attainable and fun to incorporate into each individual’s lifestyle. Having seen the effect of work-related stresses on the population, I am passionate about improving the health and safety of people in their work environments.

Following my orthopedic residency, I began working as the physical therapist for the Dancing with the Stars Live Tour. When I was not on tour, I spent three months working at Hilo Medical Center on the Big Island of Hawaii, and worked in San Mateo, CA at a clinic specializing in chronic pain. It was my time working with individuals with chronic pain that sparked my interest in ergonomics. Through my experience, I have found that many work-related injuries and chronic symptoms can be addressed with minor adjustments in the way that we arrange our work environments.

I love my job, and would be honored to help you and your company improve the health and safety of your workers. Feel free to shoot me a message to learn more or follow me on Instagram!



“I manage office and operations at a large mental health technology company in Silicon Valley. Dr. Parvez visited our office to do an ergonomics assessment and went completely above and beyond. She first presented and demonstrated straightforward, easy to remember ergonomics basics. She did individual assessments on about half of the employees, and thanks to her background in physical therapy, was also able to answer a host of questions, both serious and silly, with grace and humor! I’ve never seen our team ask so many questions of a presenter in my 2.5 years managing this office! About a year later, I still hear people talking about the ergo rules she taught us. I even heard two engineers jokingly arguing over who was more ergonomically correct! Dr. Parvez is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and friendly, and I would bring her into the office again in a heartbeat!”

–Amber C.


Dr. Parvez came to our office last June for an ergonomic presentation and individual assessments. She gave our office a thorough and easy-to-digest presentation of common workplace issues, and taught us some helpful tips and tricks that could easily be incorporated throughout the day. The most helpful tip for most of our office was learning the appropriate way to set up your station for better posture and how to position things on your desk for optimal use.

At work, I had struggled with wrist issues and had been wearing wrist braces for a few months, and had even seen a doctor for a muscle spasm I had in my back very shortly before she came in for her presentation. After her recommendations for my desk, I quickly found I no longer needed my wrist braces, and the pain in my back quickly subsided.

To this day, we still check on each other's comfort at our work stations using the tips we learned from Dr. Parvez. I would recommend her for workplace assessments to anyone! Thank you, Dr. Parvez!

-Gemma W.